About the book

Many of us are now whiling away the hours either writing, or taking part in, quizzes.   Almost everyone loves a quiz and they are the perfect way to bring people together during these socially isolating times. It takes a bit of practice to set your questions at the right level, not everyone is an egghead or quite ready for University Challenge! 
I love quizzes. I love taking part in them and I love setting them for friends and small venues. The skill (if I may be so bold) is in setting them at the right level and trying to find original and entertaining themes so that they remain fun. You won’t find plain old history or geography sections here but if ‘cheese or service station?’ sounds interesting this book is right up your street. 
My writing partner and good friend, Chris Coley, is not the quiz book virgin that I am. He has recently written a successful sports quiz book ‘Sport is The Answer’ and first suggested that we should write a general knowledge quiz book together in the first lockdown. After prevaricating for a while, I thought why not, and took the time available to me during the second lockdown in November 2020 to write my bits.   Chris very kindly agreed to dumb down the intellectual content of his not inconsiderable brain to make it accessible to a mere mortal like me and voila! 
With this book, you can still meet up with your friends, virtually, relax and have a bit of a laugh knowing someone else has done all the tedious preparation for you. 
If you like a quiz but really just want an entertaining evening with friends and family rather than to learn how many miles we are from the sun (151.34 million if you’re interested), this is the quiz book for you. 
I hope you enjoy the Best Bloody Quiz Book, ever! 



Liz Ashton


November 2020